18 Feb 2013

Fiji business believes big brand new jets will be boon for tourism

8:06 pm on 18 February 2013

The Labasa Chamber of Commerce in Fiji says new Air Pacific aircraft coming into the country this year will have a positive impact on tourism.

The first of three new Airbus A330's is due in Fiji on March the 19th, with the second and third arriving in May and November.

The government says it is the first time in the history of Air Pacific that the airline will own a wide-bodied aircraft.

The president of the Labasa Chamber of Commerce, Ashok Karan, says having new aircraft instead of ageing planes is important.

"As far as tourism goes, I think the safety aspect is very, very important. Of course the number of people coming through, traditional tourism market from Australia and New Zealand and they're also now looking at the Northern Block, and a lot of people are coming from Asian countries also, and also Europe. So all this is going to make a big impact."

Ashok Karan says tourism numbers were at an all time high last year, and he expects this year will surpass that, and hopes the fleet can be further increased over time.