20 Feb 2013

Choiseul chief tells of devastation by loggers in Solomons province

11:11 am on 20 February 2013

A tribal leader in the Solomon Islands province of Choiseul says loggers in his area are devastating the environment.

Gendley Galo is the chief of the Rege tribe, related to the Taplakana tribe, in north east Choiseul.

He says a logging company operating on Taplakana land has destroyed mangroves and used rocks from a seawall and cemetery for a wharf.

Mr Galo says when he approached the provincial forestry centre in Choiseul's capital, Taro, he was told the province lacks the authority to implement the provisions of the forestry act.

"It was a terrible sight to see when the company is establishing the log pond at Taplakana land, devastating about two hectares of mangrove that had been cut."

Gendley Galo says serious compensation should be given for the company's unauthorised crossing of a river to use rocks from the cemetery where his grandfather is buried.