22 Mar 2013

American Samoa looking for Manu'a replacement vessel

11:52 am on 22 March 2013

The territorial government in American Samoa is reportedly trying to find another ship to transfer cargo and other supplies to the outer Manu'a Islands after the only ferry struck a reef.

US Coastguard Chief Warrant Officer Stan LeCain says the MV Sili was departing the harbour at Ta'u when the rudders and propellors came in contact with a reef on the way out.

He says there is significant damage and the ship is waiting to enter the shipyard at Pago Pago to be inspected and repaired.

But Chief Warrant Officer LeCain says the shipyard's rail can only take one ship at a time and there are other vessels waiting to be serviced.

"My understanding is that they're making every effort they can to get her up and repaired as soon as possible. She is our primary means of transporting passengers and cargo to those islands."