2 Apr 2013

Samoa Air begins flights from Savai'i and Upolu to American Samoa

12:03 pm on 2 April 2013

Samoa Air is beginning flights from both Savai'i and Upolu to American Samoa on Wednesday.

The airline's Chief Executive Officer, Chris Langton, says flights will operate between Maota Airport on Savaii and Faleolo on Upolu, while the carrier works on pending issues with Polynesian Airlines for the use of Fagali'I airport.

Mr Langton says the launch of flights to American Samoa is a big event for Savai'i because it has been many years since there was a connection from Savai'i to the Territory.

He says he hopes the freight fee being the same as the passenger fees per kilo, will encourage freight between the two islands.

Samoa Air is the first Airline to use a pay-by-weight system, and that has attracted a lot of interest worldwide as it is being seen as the emerging solution to the many issues facing airlines in terms of providing a fair method of payment for carriage.