4 Apr 2013

Diabetes on the rise says Kiribati health ministry

4:17 pm on 4 April 2013

A report by the Ministry of Health in Kiribati says a hundred new cases of diabetes are being reported each year.

The report reveals that almost 4,800 diabetes cases were recorded from 2007 to 2012 and of that figure, 380 people have undergone surgery such as amputations.

The Director of Health Dr Teatao Tira says people need to change their eating habits and exercise regularly.

"We encourage the people to first of all lose weight, to exercise at least 30 minutes to one hour walk is recommended. We also encourage them to eat less fatty, less sugary, less salty food and eat more vegetables and all those. And we also encourage them to stop smoking."

Dr Teatao Tira says the Ministry of Health is planning to amend the school food policy to encourage students to eat more healthily.