8 Apr 2013

New office for Pacific aid partners expected to improve delivery of services

10:46 am on 8 April 2013

The Asian Development Bank's Pacific Department says a new office for its development partners will lead to better road works, electricity and water supply to countries in the region.

The Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility Coordination Office, to be established in Sydney, will be funded through a 9 million US dollar grant from Australia, 2.4 milliion dollars from New Zealand and half a million through the ADB's Technical Assistance Special Fund.

A spokesperson for the ADB's Pacific Department, Anthony Maxwell says the office will improve coordination between the ADB, Australia, New Zealand, the World Bank Group, the European Commission, and the European Investment Bank.

"The improved coordination between the donors and the improved provision of the technical assistance can have significant benefits. And it's all about improving the delivery of those infrastructure services to the people of the Pacific. So we're looking ultimately at better roads, better electricity supply to houses, better water supply."

Anthony Maxwell says the office will also help speed up the delivery of infrastructure services.