9 Apr 2013

Manu'a keen on reliable link with American Samoa

3:23 pm on 9 April 2013

The MV Sili inter island vessel is expected to be ready to resume transport services to Manu'a in American Samoa by the middle of this week.

It has been out of action for repairs for the past month.

The Manu'a district governor, Misa'alefua John Hudson, says the frequent repairs show the need for a more reliable vessel.

He says the Governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, is supportive of efforts to try to solve Manu'a's ongoing transport woes, which would bring benefits to residents and boost tourism.

"They have been buying boats that's over 40 years old and that's a big problem and that's all we've been doing is spending money on fixing it, fixing it, and fixing it. So the best solution that the new Governor is working on is building a new boat."

Misa'alefua John Hudson.

The air service to the Manua's provided by Inter Island Air has also stopped because of problems with its Dornier Aircraft, which is waiting for a part from overseas.