18 Apr 2013

Fiji village wants international help to protect itself from rising seas

7:24 pm on 18 April 2013

A coastal village in Fiji needs more than 1.1 million US dollars to protect itself from rising seas.

It is hoping its self help approach will attract funds.

Sally Round reports from Daku village in Tailevu Province.

"The villagers have already raised about 40,000 US dollars towards protecting half the village, with an embankment in floodgates. High tides inundate the rest of the village about four times a month. Their plan is to move upwards by building up the ground level rather than relocate. Village elders say the changing climate has affected fishing and root crops have halved. Only a quarter of their land is now suitable for growing. The village women make fans to sell at the markets to make up for lost revenue and help pay for the works. The village hopes their action plan will bring in more aid and government assistance."