22 Apr 2013

Guam needs to look to region and embrace culture: Senator

2:47 pm on 22 April 2013

A Senator from Guam says the territory needs to learn from the rest of the Pacific region and more aggressively promote its Chamorro culture.

Thomas Morrison was in Wellington as part of the Pacific Parliamentarians Forum, and he says the highlight for him was seeing how other Pacific nations cherish their cultures, something which Guam has struggled with.

"They work very hard to not only sustain or maintain their cultural identity, but, with progress or development in their communities they seem to always make sure that their cultural identity is at the forefront. Whereas in Guam, we have been working very hard to restore and revive our cultural identity."

Thomas Morrison says Guam is working to restore its culture through including Chamorro in the curriculum and endorsing events such as last months Chamorro language festival.

He says that as Guam grows its culture must be at the forefront of every development.