25 Apr 2013

American Samoa group backs dog spaying drive

1:32 pm on 25 April 2013

A not for profit organisation that helps care for dogs in American Samoa says it would be a huge help to the cause if a dog-control task-force was set up.

A lawmaker, Larry Sanitoa, says stray dogs are a serious and on-going issue and he wants a dog control programme re-introduced.

However, there is no working veterinarian in American Samoa.

Not for profit organisation, Alofa Mo Meaola, or Love for the Animals, fundraises to bring off-island veterinarians to volunteer their time to spay and neuter dogs and medical check-ups.

Mona King, who helps run the organisation, says the need is huge.

"We started with a list of over 200 animals, and it continues to be, even though we do 100 or 200 animals every time they come down, our list continues to stay at 200, because we have so many people calling in, the service is very much needed. We do have quite a few people that bring in strays and they get them fixed and they find homes for them. For instance we have today a lady that has six puppies that she's brought in and three adults, and they're not hers."

Mona King says they are trying to get a vet into American Samoa once a month.