26 Apr 2013

New youth movement to support Fiji's young people

1:05 pm on 26 April 2013

Those involved in a new youth movement in Fiji say they plan to be a support network for young people concerned about their future.

The group, Fiji Youth for Democracy, is collecting signatures for a petition to have the regime's draft constitution rejected and that of the Ghai Commission reinstated.

A spokesperson for the group, Mereoni Chung, says they want to help educate young people who have not been taking a stand on the constitution-making process for many reasons.

"One could be the fear of the consequences when you take a position that's in opposition to the state, the ambiguous information that's going around in terms of the state of governance in this country and the topic of the constitution itself is quite a difficult one to sell to young people."

Mereoni Chung says the movement involves small pocket meetings and internet discussions and they're also trying to talk with existing youth groups.