8 May 2013

Nauru parliament remains in a deadlock

4:17 am on 8 May 2013

The Parliament of Nauru still lacks enough members attending the sittings to enable a continuation of parliamentary business notably the second dissolution advice made by the President last month.

At yesterday's sitting no quorum was achieved and Speaker Godfrey Thoma recessed the House until the afternoon when he addressed those in attendance about the political deadlock in the country.

He gave a summary of sittings since the president Sprent Dabwido's second letter to dissolve parliament over three weeks ago, reminding the House of the lack of progress made by members to date.

Godfrey Thoma also read a letter he had written to President Dabwido last week telling him that the impasse can be easily remedied, by the President and his Cabinet colleagues attending the next sitting of Parliament.

Mr Thoma then adjourned the House until tomorrow.