8 May 2013

ADB gives 100,000 US dollars to Cooks for appliance replacement

4:24 am on 8 May 2013

The Cook Islands' new fridge freezer replacement programme is expected to carve up to 250 US dollars from household power bills.

The programme is one of several under phase two of the Asian Development Bank's Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific project.

It is estimated that about 40 percent of household electricity costs in the Cook Islands is for refrigeration with just over half of the 15,000 strong population living in houses with low energy efficiency appliances.

The programme's team leader, Felix Gooneratne, says the ADB is making an initial grant of 100,000 US dollars to enable people to trade in their old appliances for new, high energy efficiency units.

"And we believe that we could cover about 300 to 325 fridge freezers with that grant money. The kind of rebates that we are providing are based on the type of fridge-freezer or freezer, the capacity as well as the star-rating."

Felix Gooneratne says that equates to a rebate of between 150 US dollars for the smaller unit and 500 for the larger.