9 May 2013

KNPB wants officials to be responsible over killing and arrests of Papuans

7:11 am on 9 May 2013

The National Committee for West Papua, or KNPB, has called for authorities to be responsible over the killing and arrests of Papuans at demonstrations marking the anniversary of the region's annexation by Indonesia.

Human rights groups say the death toll from the May 1st rallies around Papua and West Papua provinces could be as high as ten, including three deaths in Sorong.

A counter-terrorism unit of the Indonesian police, Densus 88, is being linked to some of the killings.

Earlier, security forces had mounted a campaign to prevent West Papuans in some urban areas from attending the rallies in pre-dawn raids on student dormitories.

The KNPB, which has been targetted by security forces as a leading network in the West Papuan pro-independence movement, says the Governor, Commander and Chief of Police is responsible for the killing.

The KNPB chairman Victor Yeimo has questioned why raising the Papuan Morning Star Flag is banned while the equivalent is allowed in Aceh.

The KNPB says a demonstration to the Papuan People's Assembly is to take place next Monday.