28 May 2013

Temaru proposes Federated States of Polynesia

1:12 pm on 28 May 2013

French Polynesia's pro-independence opposition leader, Oscar Temaru, has proposed redefining the territory as the Federated States of Polynesia as what he calls a new political vision.

The territory, which France defines as a country within the republic, is made up of five archipelagos, the most populous being the Society Islands with the capital, Papeete.

His proposal comes as the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation is about to meet in Ecuador to also discuss the recent vote in New York reinscribing French Polynesia on the list of territories to be decolonised.

Mr Temaru has also proposed renaming the territory as Maohi Nui.

The UN decision has angered the new French Polynesian government, which has asked Paris to hold an independence referendum as soon as possible to remove the self-determination issued from the political debate.