31 May 2013

Sport: PNG Rugby League set to elect new board

11:22 am on 31 May 2013

After numerous false starts, the Papua New Guinea Rugby League Federation is poised to finally elect a new permanent administration on Friday.

The national body had been plagued by infighting and court battles until the government intervened last year and persuaded the competing factions to work together.

A record number of leagues have registered for today's AGM in Lae and the interim CEO of the PNGRFL, Brad Tassell, expects whoever is elected to have the best interests of rugby league at heart.

"The guys nominated in their respective regions, the directors, understand what needs to be done to move the game forward. They've got great vision [and] they have been a part of the process over the last six months of getting rugby league back on track. Don Fox as chairman is just a very good stabilising influence in regards to rugby league in the country as well. He's a very quiet and humble man but a very thoughtful man as well so we're pretty confident that things will got the right way and that PNGRFL will be stablised for the long term."

Board members will be appointed for a three year term.