5 Jun 2013

Pigsty waste could fuel energy conscious Tokelau

7:05 am on 5 June 2013

Tokelau is exploring ways to create more renewable energy, this time from products like pigsty waste.

The territory was hailed last year as leading the way globally by becoming a hundred percent powered by solar energy and biofuel.

Tokelau's General Manager, Joe Suveinakama, says Tokelau is looking for other sustainable energy ideas from countries like neighbouring Samoa which is trialling systems to produce energy from biogas.

"What we want to look at basically is using waste to actually be converted into energy. We've got community pigsties, we've got limited land so we're trying to put together all these strands and vulnerabilities and hopefully we can actually come up with something."

Joe Suveinakama says the initiative is still in its very early stages but one idea might be to have a biogas plant connected to an underground drainage system from special waste disposal areas.