5 Jun 2013

Chinese company lists demands before investing in Samoa

10:59 am on 5 June 2013

A Chinese company interested in investing in Samoa has presented the government with a number of conditions including a 160 year land lease and the admission of 30,000 Chinese workers to the country, before it commits.

Among a variety of business ventures that the Beijing Zhao Yi Li Investment Management Co. Ltd. is eyeing in Samoa, is a casino, airline, shipping company, and a bank.

Talamua online says a large delegation from the company went to Savai'i Island to look at potential sites for their businesses.

Documents obtained by Talamua reveal the company has presented the Government with a list of 17 conditions it wants the government to meet before it invests in the country.

One includes that land leased for certain purposes be for a period of 160 years and that the government issue an exclusive permit to the company to manage a gambling business.

The company also wants the government to allow 30,000 Chinese workers in under the general project and be allowed to stay in Samoa for three years.

It also seeks a 15 year tax exemption on all imports for its investments.