19 Jun 2013

Niue's small population makes recruitment hard

4:45 am on 19 June 2013

Finding staff for Niue's only resort is proving a challenge with a lack of human resources on the island an issue.

The Matavai Resort employs at least 40 people when fully staffed but the acting general manager Sarah King says they have problems finding the right people on the island, which has a population of around 1,400.

She says there is also a constantly evolving population with many Niueans coming and going from the island, and a limited tourism sector making it hard to find people with experience.

"Eighty five percent of the population here are employed by the government so I've really only got 15 percent of 1,400 people who are at working age in private sector to chose from which doesn't take a lot of maths to work out that if I'm after someone who's got quite a specific skill set it's just more often than not that they're actually not here."

Sarah King says they always try to recruit staff from the island first, then advertise jobs to other islands in the Pacific, and sometimes go as far as New Zealand in the search.