21 Jun 2013

Fiji's NFP confident with its financial declaration

1:34 pm on 21 June 2013

Fiji's National Federation Party says it's not concerned about any inconsistencies being found in its assets declaration to the Registrar of Political parties.

The Registrar, Mohammed Saneem, yesterday released the financial records of officials and applicants of three registered political parties saying he will now verify the declarations.

Under a regime decree, parties were obliged to submit financial details of their members and executives, as well as of their spouses and children by June 7th.

However, Fiji Village reports many officials and applicants have not revealed their sources of income, with some saying they don't know their adult children's affairs.

The NFP's Raman Singh says that as far as he's concerned, everybody in his party has shown what is required under the decree and the registrar won't have a problem with his party's application.

"We are not concerned about that. I think everybody has disclosed whatever is there. I don't think the registrar would go on a witch-hunt, the purpose of declaring the assets now is to see if there is any sudden increase after a period of time."

The National Federation Party President, Raman Singh.