26 Jun 2013

Call for more charges over PNG Achilles tendon attack

6:50 pm on 26 June 2013

A Papua New Guinea judge says police must consider additional charges against officers accused of slashing the Achilles tendons of 74 men last month.

Justice David Cannings has also queried why only two out of the seven police officers suspected of carrying out the attack had been charged.

The police are accused of ordering the 74 men to lay on the ground near Port Moresby's international airport before slashing their ankles and attacking them with clubs.

The attack has left the victims unable to walk or to support their families.

Judge Cannings says it would seem more police officers were involved.

He also says the charge of unlawful wounding faced by the two officers is minor in terms of what is available and charges, such as grievous bodily harm or even attempted murder, should be considered.

The National Capital District superintendent Andy Bawa told the court only two officers had been charged over the incident, because witnesses were unable to identify the other five.

But he says investigations are ongoing.