27 Jun 2013

Marshalls want firm commitments on climate change at summit

8:10 pm on 27 June 2013

The hosts of September's Pacific Islands Forum summit, the Marshall Islands, are seeking stronger political commitment and international leadership to deal with climate change.

The northern Marshalls are currently in a grip of a severe drought while the capital, Majuro, has this week been inundated by high seas.

The Marshalls' minister responsible for climate change issues, Tony de Brum, says it highlights the extent of the threat to Pacific low lying islands.

He says they want the summit to endorse a Majuro Declaration requiring more of the metropolitan countries.

"What do we need from the big countries, we need their commitments to actually put their money where their mouth is, not just say they are going to do something about the threat of climate change but also to do something about their commitments to keeping the level of warming that the world has figured we can all handle - namely two or two and a half degrees and no more."

Tony dr Brum.

He says they are still to hear whether the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, will accept an invitation to attend.