1 Jul 2013

Levuka inscription first step in protecting Fiji's heritage: National Trust

1:37 pm on 1 July 2013

The chairman of the Natural Trust of Fiji says people in Fiji and the wider Pacific don't fully appreciate their country's heritage, which could be a big money spinner for them.

Robin Yarrow says Fiji's marketing often tends to focus on sun, sea and sand when there's a real opportunity in promoting its rich heritage to visitors.

He says the inscription of the former capital Levuka as a world heritage area last week is a significant step for heritage preservation and he expects to see the government implement a decree to protect the town in the near future.

Mr Yarrow says the decree will change attitudes about protecting Fiji's physical, natural and cultural heritage.

"Naturally you have some that are strongly for it but they are certainly here in the minority. There's a significant number that sort of sit on the fence, they sort of don't get too excited about it. There's others that really feel that it's part of the history, the colonial past and they're not too enthused about it. But attitudes are changing."

The Chairman of the Natural Trust of Fiji, Robin Yarrow.