1 Jul 2013

By-election called in PNG after ruling on original winner's age

3:30 pm on 1 July 2013

A Papua New Guinea Parliamentarian who was installed by the Court of Disputed Returns as an MP following a successful election petition has been removed from office, this time by the country's highest court, the Supreme Court.

Tony Aimo who came second to Ezekiel Anisi for the Ambunti Drekirkir open seat in East Sepik in the 2012 National Election was installed by the National Court as an MP after the court found that Mr Anisi was under-age.

Mr Anisi appealed to the Supreme Court which agreed with the lower court's decision that he was under age at the time of nomination, but upheld his argument that the seat should not go to Mr Aimo but that a by-election be held.

The court said the majority of voters in the electorate did not vote for the second place getter, Mr Aimo, and despite the cost a by-election is the appropriate action.