9 Sep 2013

Hawaiian Airlines pushed to add more flights to American Samoa

8:33 am on 9 September 2013

The American Samoa Visitors Bureau has pitched the idea to Hawaiian Airlines to add a third weekly flight for the Pago-Honolulu route.

The Chairman of the Visitors Bureau Board of Directors Roy Hall Jr, cited the increasing number of cruiseships calling into Pago Pago and says he estimates each passenger is spending between $150 to $200 in food, tours, accommodation and transportation.

Mr Hall says the Territory now needs to focus on attracting other visitors and one way to do that is to increase the number of Hawaiian Airlines flights to Pago Pago each week.

Mr Hall says the carrier is not convinced yet that demand is there.

"I am trying to pursuade them that notwithstanding that they don't think the numbers are here, that they should put on a third flight. And during the peak seasons, which as we know would be Christmas, Easter and the summer, they should put four flights a week."

Roy Hall Jr.