13 Nov 2013

Strike looms in PNG capital over corruption concerns

10:01 pm on 13 November 2013

A workers strike is looming for PNG's capital after a planned rally by activists today was prevented from going ahead by police.

The planned rally in Port Moresby was to voice concern to government over a range of issues including the state takeover of Ok Tedi Mining assets.

Now the organisers, the Social Media Activism Committee, are appealing to workers such as PMV and taxi operators to strike next Monday to support the bid to have the Prime Minister provide clarification on issues like corruption allegations.

The Committee's Charlie Gilichibi says they are concerned about the Independent Commission Against Corruption that MPs are considering legislation for.

"What we've noticed basically it will still have the political influence, so it will become another Ombudsman Commission, basically another Commission of Inquiry-type organisation, another Public Accounts Committee which basically goes and gets all the evidence, all the information, but then does nothing."

Charlie Gilichibi