27 Nov 2013

Kiribati man not giving up his bid to become climate change refugee

11:40 am on 27 November 2013

The wife of a man whose bid to become a climate change refugee has been denied, says the decision is a bad result.

Ioane Teitiota has been denied the chance to challenge the refusal by Immigration New Zealand and the Immigration and Protection Tribunal to grant him asylum.

He sought leave to appeal in the High Court.

But in a written decision on Tuesday, Justice Priestley said Mr Teitiota's case did not meet the United Nations Refugee Convention criteria.

His wife, Angua Erica, had this reaction to the ruling.

"He said I think it is the best way, not for us but for the kids, but I know the result now is bad, it's not good, so I'm just trying to find another way."

Ioane Teitiota's wife, Angua Erica.

Mr Teitiota's lawyer says he is considering appealing against the decision.