23 Jan 2015

Samoa talo exports more than triple

7:59 am on 23 January 2015

Talo exports from Samoa to New Zealand have more than tripled, increasing from four to fifteen containers a month.

The rise in exports is being credited as a result of the Samoa Manufacturers and Exporters, or SAME, trade show in Auckland in November last year.

The president of SAME, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson, says figures on export earnings from 2013 were at 1 point 4 million US dollars, and has risen to about 4 million dollars at the end of last year.

Tagaloa says Australia has given the green light for new varieties of talo from Samoa to be exported, and they are expected to be on showcase at a trade show in Sydney in March.

Australian authorities however are requiring a scientific clearance to confirm the blight fungus that devastated the old talo variety, is no longer present.