17 Feb 2015

Forum head supports discussion on regional bodies

2:08 pm on 17 February 2015
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Photo: RNZ

The head of the Pacific Islands Forum's secretariat says it is important to have a rigorous discussion around regional architecture in the Pacific.

Last year, Fiji and Australia have called a meeting this month to discuss membership of the Forum among other issues.

No exact dates have been given and the meeting is now said to be held next month.

Fiji, which was suspended from the Forum until after last September's election, is refusing to resume its full membership until there is a discussion on whether donor nations, such as Australia and New Zealand, can also be members.

The Forum's secretary general Dame Meg Taylor says such a discussion is important and the leaders of the Forum countries cannot ignore it.

"They have to get in a room. They have to discuss this. They have to consider before they come into that room all the consequences of all the different scenarios of what could happen. I would like to see Fiji to be back as a very active member of the PIF (Pacific Islands Forum) because it is a very valuable member of the Pacific region."