23 Feb 2015

Fewer fish in future warns NZ scientist

1:45 pm on 23 February 2015

A New Zealand scientist is calling for Pacific nations to take better care of their fish stocks as future food supplies become more insecure.

Tarakihi in bin


Professor Paul Moughan from Massey University's Riddet Institute says diets of the future will have to adapt as the global population grows from seven billion to 10 billion over the next 35 years.

He says there will be demand for much more and better food, especially protein, to form healthy, balanced diets.

He says this is a challenge in a world where there will be less water, less land and greater climate variability, so countries will have to get smarter about food production, usage and limiting waste.

"Fish is an excellent source of protein. It's an excellent food. But world fish resources are also in decline and are being depleted. Really the Pacific nations need to be looking at sustainable fishing practices to ensure that that natural food is preserved going into the future."

Professor Moughan has been picked to join a thinktank in Germany in June to help tackle world hunger and malnourishment and he says he will be advocating for the South Pacific and Australasian regions.