Jeju Air eyes more flights to Saipan

6:55 am on 11 March 2015

Following its successful foray to the Northern Marianas in 2014, the budget carrier Jeju Air is planning to add more flights to Saipan this year.

Saipan airport, CNMI

The South Korean carrier Jeju is looking to increase flights to Saipan. Photo: Free google search image

An expected rise in tourist arrivals in the CNMI has prompted the South Korean carrier to increase the number of its flights from its current once-daily return trip.

The Marianas Visitors Authority is expecting a 12.6 percent increase in visitor arrivals in 2015, which is a significant jump from the 2.3 percent increase for 2014.

Jeju Air made its maiden voyage to Saipan last October.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 NG, has a capacity of 186 to 189 seats.