11 Mar 2015

Vodafone Fiji 'fastest' in Pacific

10:07 am on 11 March 2015

Vodafone Fiji has been ranked the fastest provider of broadband speeds in the Pacific region, beating top mobile providers Vodafone New Zealand, Optus and Telstra in Australia.

Vodafone sign

Photo: AFP

According to global leader in broadband speed testing, Ookla, Fiji was second to M1 Singapore in the Asia Pacific.

The Fiji Times reports the results were based on the global net index rating for telecommunications companies.

The Vodafone Fiji CEO, Pradeep Lal, says the index was based on millions of recent cellular test results from Ookla's popular speedtest.net application on iOS and Android platforms.

The app compared and ranked cellular download speeds from telecommunications companies around the world.

Mr Lal says it's a "phenomenal achievement" by Vodafone Fiji and the result of a planned and deliberate strategy focused on data and data speeds.

He says in 2012 Vodafone completed a network transformation project that replaced the old network infrastructure with a new state-of-the-art IP network.