18 Mar 2015

Norfolk govt seeks peoples' views on autonomy

8:38 am on 18 March 2015

The chief minister of North Island, Lisle Snell, is putting a referendum to the island's legislature on Wednesday on Canberra's plans to cut its autonomy.

Since 1979 the Norfolk Island government has enjoyed state level powers but successive Australian governments have been pushing for it to be reduced to shire council status.

Canberra is expected to shortly vote on legislation to make this happen.

But Mr Snell says the wishes of the people on what sort of representation they want should be taken noticed of.

"It gives us a little bit more strength in our deliberations with the Commonwealth if the referendum is called upon to support the wishes of the community. And that is what we are trying to do, to find out the wishes of the community."

The Norfolk chief minister, Lisle Snell.

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms Photo: None