31 Mar 2015

Relief supplies headed for Chuuk

9:24 am on 31 March 2015

The President of the Federated States of Micronesia, Manny Mori, says a government vessel carrying relief supplies and medical personnel will leave for the state of Chuuk, which has been hard hit by Typhoon Maysak.

The FSM government says five people are believed to have died when Maysak struck the state on Sunday, and there is severe damage to infrastructure and crops.

The category three typhoon is now gaining intensity as it heads towards the state of Yap, where the effects are expected to be felt today -- President Mori says a second vessel will be deployed to Yap once the typhoon has passed.

The director of the National Emergency Management Office, Andrew Yatilman, says with the damage on Chuuk - and potentially Yap - the FSM is likely to need international assistance.

"There will be a need from affected residents for either water, food supplies or whatever. Those are the things that we will be needing assistance with. And as we have done in the past, we have looked to regional as well as international communities for help."

Path of Typhoon Maysack Mar 31

Path of Typhoon Maysack Mar 31 Photo: WFO Guam