17 Apr 2015

Solomons to offer tax incentives to foreign investors

2:50 pm on 17 April 2015

The Solomon Islands is planning special economic zones to attract foreign investors.

This comes after the prime minister met a Chinese company which says it is willing to rehabilitate Honiara International Airport and the main road connecting the airport to the city.

In exchange the Skyline Business Council wants a green light to invest in the Solomons tourism sector.

A spokesperson for the Council, Jason Liu Tao, calls the Solomons a 'golden city' with great investment potential in the tourism sector and his company can guarantee more job opportunities and an improved economy.

The prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, says his government wants to encourage foreign investement.

He says it is planning special economic zones, with legislation planned for the next sitting of Parliament in July.

Mr Sogavare says the free economic zones would carry investment incentives such as tax holidays, duty exemptions and so on.