28 Apr 2015

Fiji tourism industry against proposed service fee

9:00 am on 28 April 2015

A proposal to hit Fiji tourists with a service fee has been criticised by the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association.

The shadow tourism minister, Viliame Gavoka, proposed a fee to be charged to all guests, as a supplement to tourism workers' wages.

But the President of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, Dixon Seeto, says the tourism industry is doing well, workers are paid above the minimum wage, and there are better solutions to raise funds.

Poolside view at the Sheraton in Fiji

Poolside view at the Sheraton in Fiji Photo: Fiji Government

Mr Seeto says his association spoke to the Parliament's Standing Committee on Economic Affairs and discouraged the idea.

"Anything that is done to the tourism industry to destabilise it, I think the Government will take it into account. And I would certainly like to see that the status quo remain and keep the industry on its current track. I mean you've got a winning situation here and if it ain't broke why do you need to fix it?"

Dixon Seeto says good relationships between tourists and outlets in Fiji means more money and rewards will come back to the industry.