5 May 2015

Fijian midwives relieve in Vanuatu hospital

8:34 am on 5 May 2015

Nine Fijian midwives have arrived at the Vila Central Hospital in Vanuatu, as the world celebrates May the 5th - the International Day of the Midwife.

The retired midwives are now running the maternity ward on their own as their ni-Vanuatu counterparts take a break from constant work since Cyclone Pam.

hospital bed

Photo: Photo NZ

The ni-Vanuatu midwives worked 36 hours straight in tough conditions from March the 13th when the cyclone struck.

The nurse-in-charge of the ward, Janet Leitangi, says she's grateful to the Fijians for their help.

The Fiji midwives are part of the United Nations Population Fund's contribution to the Cyclone Pam response, in collaboration with the Fiji and Vanuatu ministries for health.