14 May 2015

Solomons launch systems to track tourism development

8:03 pm on 14 May 2015
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The Solomon Islands government hopes more tourists will be able to see sunsets like this. Photo: RNZI Koroi Hawkins

The Solomon Islands government will introduce a new data system to help it monitor the progress of planned developments in its tourism sector.

It is part of the country's National Tourism Development Strategy that will be launched today (Friday 15-05-15) by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism's John Wasi says the five year strategy focuses on marketing, infrastructure, product development and staff training.

"This new strategic plan is a robust one, it provides a renewed vision and especially giving some encouragement and also support, especially to our private sectors who are basically an engine for growth in the Tourism Industry."

John Wasi says the strategy also aligns Solomon Islands with a regional aim to promote sustainable development practices.