Bougainville's Kauona disputing poll result

8:37 am on 10 June 2015

An unsuccessful candidate for president in Bougainville says he is taking legal over the election result, alleging ballot boxes were stuffed with fake votes.

John Momis won a huge majority in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region's presidential race, easily defeating the eight men running against him.

But Sam Kauona, a former leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, says he and four other candidates and people who contested for constituency seats want a legal inquiry into the conduct of the poll.

He says there is strong public pressure with people claiming the results do not reflect their votes.

"It looks like their votes have been thrown out and, what is it?, fake votes have been inserted. The true ones have been extracted out and the insertion of fake votes into the ballot paper. And all funny things happened during the counting."

Sam Kauona says they are planning legal action to ensure the people do not take the law into their own hands.

Bougainville election officials busy checking ballot papers

Bougainville election officials busy checking ballot papers Photo: Bougainville