10 Jun 2015

Two mosquito types identified in dengue outbreak

4:21 pm on 10 June 2015

An entomologist in American Samoa says the two mosquito types identified as dengue carriers in the territory breed in anything which contains water.

Two people died are confirmed to have died from dengue fever last month.


Photo: 123rf

Mark Schmaedick says the two mosquito types Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Polynesiensis.

"We have identified the important water habitats where these two species breed and this information can be really useful to people when they ae trying to eliminate the place where these mosquitoes are breeding and reduce the number of mosquitoes that can can carry dengue."

Dr Schmaedick says the main types of place where you will find these mosquitoes is in anything that holds water, be it pot plants, buckets and tyres.

Health authorities are emphasising the clean-up of homes and villages to eliminate breeding sites for mosquitoes.

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