CNMI utility welcomes casino's power use

4:31 pm on 15 June 2015

The entry of a new casino to the Northern Marianas power grid has been a welcome development for the islands' struggling utilities company.

Wing Beach in Saipan, the Northern Marianas.

Wing Beach in Saipan, the Northern Marianas. Photo: RNZI / Mark Rabago

Best Sunshine International Ltd's Grand Mariana Casino and Hotel Resort will increase power use by nine megawatts.

The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation's Executive Director, Alan Fletcher, says the proposed 14-story casino hotel in Garapan will help lower power costs.

Over the last 10 years, with the demise of the garment industry and the fall in population, the utility has lost half of its sales in kilowatt-hour terms, meaning a lower base to pay for a system that used to accommodate a base twice the size.