6 Jul 2015

Work in Fiji to ensure women's rights not hindered

7:46 am on 6 July 2015

A Fiji provincial council member says efforts are being made in rural communities to ensure women's human rights and freedoms are not hindered.

Fiji women in the streets of Suva.

Fiji women in the streets of Suva. Photo: AFP

A senior assistant Roko Tui looking after the province of Rewa, Josevata Caucau, recently attended a Male Advocacy Program on women's human rights.

There have been reports of village bylaws violating human rights by restricting what women wear, and Mr Caucau says he will use what he learnt at the workshop to teach communities to treat women as equals.

"It's all about awareness and to enlighten them about that, and definitely we will implement to make our women walk freely and have freedom in their movement, especially in their choices of what they wear."

Josevata Caucau says the male advocacy workshop made men, who previously viewed women as second class citizens, want to work hand-in-hand with women.