8 Jul 2015

Sport: FSM football look to future

12:18 pm on 8 July 2015

The Federated States Micronesia football coach Stan Foster says his young team will be back and better at the next Pacific Games in 2019.

The Federated of States of Micronesia against Vanuatu.

The Federated of States of Micronesia against Vanuatu. Photo: RNZI/Vinnie Wylie

The FSM were thumped 46-0 by Vanuatu on Tuesday - a new Games record - and conceded an astonishing 114 goals in their three group matches in Port Moresby.

Stan Foster says they came to Papua New Guinea with low expectations and he deliberately picked a team with the future in mind.

"Most of these [players] are in their late teenage years and that's why I selected this team. That was a bit of criticism I got before we even left was picking a young squad but it's no use picking older players that won't be around for the next four so I wanted these ones here for the next eight. Most of them are still boys and they're playing against men so I think they've done quite incredibly for their own size and experience. I think they've done really well."

Meanwhile Fiji's goal-less draw with Tahiti means they will face Papua New Guinea tomorrow afternoon in the Olympic qualifying semi finals, after the hosts beat Solomon Islands 2-1.

Vanuatu will play New Zealand in the other semi, after the Oly Whites outclassed New Caledonia 5-0 to top their group.

The Pacific Games playoffs, featuring Fiji, PNG, Tahiti and Vanuatu will take place next week.