22 Jul 2015

Drought-stricken Fiji villages waiting for water delivery

1:34 pm on 22 July 2015

Villagers in the remote Yasawa island group in Fiji's Western Division say they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of water after months of drought.

A local builder in Vuaki village, Joseva Vunisa says the water tanks have only a foot and a half of water left and they have been taking drums in boats to the other side of Matacawalevu island to collect water from a spring.

Long periods of drought are an almost yearly occurrence in the Western Division with barges the only way of providing relief.

300,000 litres of water have been distributed to the long chain of islands but Mr Vunisa says his island hasn't received any so far.

"We are looking forward to the delivery of water to the island. We are asking all the families to use the water safely, not to use the water in other ways, we have to keep the water for the families."

Joseva Vunisa says the last time it rained on the island was several months ago.

Yasawa, Fiji is dry at this time of year.

Yasawa, Fiji is dry at this time of year. Photo: Fiji Government Photo Gallery