PNG universities struggling after Govt budget cuts

7:15 pm on 13 August 2015

A Papua New Guinea university vice chancellor says classes could go if government funding cutbacks continue.

Revelations in recent weeks show the PNG Government budget is in sharp decline although the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, says the criticism of his administration's management is from people with vested interests.

He is promising a supplementary budget but says there will be no cuts to key sectors such as education.

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However the vice chancellor of the University of Technology in Lae, Albert Schram, says Treasury has already foreshadowed cuts to university funding as high as 40 percent, with the payment made last month down 15 percent.

He says Unitech is doing what it can.

"We are leading by example so I am instructing all of the management and the heads of departments to foresake per diem allowances, we are cutting back on transport, unnecessary travel, that type of thing, but, you know, with these type of cuts we will have to go much further in our measures, that is quite evident."