17 Aug 2015

League players train as Pasifika ambassadors

3:51 pm on 17 August 2015

Australian and New Zealand rugby league players are tapping into their star power to spread positive messages about health and education throughout the Pacific.

Youth unemployment, obesity, and climate change are among some of the issues discussed at the three day workshop for NRL Pasifika Ambassadors held in New Caledonia. (last week)

Warriors' player Ben Henry, says almost half of the NRL players have Pacific Islands' heritage and can use their influence to make a difference.

"We want to get as many players as possible that are passionate about this sort of thing behind this message because it's a lot more powerful coming from a player that kids can see that play, but off the field they're studying or they're actually putting in the effort to practice what they preach in other words."

Ben Henry says the challenge now is to implement the strategies learned.

Aug 2015: Nigel Vagana, Dean Widders, Solomon Haumono, Mark Deweer, Steve Meredith, Ruan Sims  Ben Henry , Joshua McGuire  David Solomona  Luisa Avaiki  and Clinton Toopi  and NRL and ANU staff.

NRL representatives in New Caledonia for the NRL Pasifika Ambassadors workshop. Photo: Supplied/SPC