20 Aug 2015

Sport: TASANOC president defends former CEO

11:50 am on 20 August 2015

The President of Tonga's Olympic Committee has defended former interim CEO 'Ahongalu Fusimālohi but says he still made the right decision in resigning, following criticism of his role during last month's Pacific Games.

The Committee's spending in Papua New Guinea is being audited after the government was forced to intervene when 59 athletes were not booked on flights to the Games.

Mr Fusimalohi says he has been unfairly singled out, saying it is because of his efforts that the athletes were able to get to the Games at all.

The President of TASANOC, and now acting CEO, Lady Robyn Tu'ivakano, says he worked hard but agrees with his decision to stand down.

"He made the right choice in resigning. As far as the media are criticising him I don't think that was fair because he did what he did to get the athletes over but Mr Fusimalohi did do good work and get the athletes over.As far as his resignation, he offered to resign so there is no issue as I say."

Lady Tu'ivakano is currently the acting CEO of TASANOC but says she hopes to appoint a new interim boss in the coming weeks.