10 Sep 2015

Fiji budget accountability improves

3:36 pm on 10 September 2015
Fiji's Government House.

Fiji's Government House. Photo: RNZ / Sally Round

An international survey shows Fiji's budget process has become more accountable.

Fiji has moved out of the bottom ten in a list of 100 countries in the International Budget Partnerships Open Budget Survey.

The survey measures transparency, citizen participation and independent oversight institutions.

The Fiji Citizens' Constitutional Forum which presented Fiji's results says Fiji was one of ten countries with the worst accountability in the 2012 rankings and it has since moved up two places.

The CCF's president Bulutani Mataitawakilai says Fiji has seen the most improvement in the area of transparency but citizen participation and independent oversight still lag.

"We call for the government to continue to do that, have an open door policy release information to the citizens, also to continue to include citizens in the formulation of the national budget. To ensure that we not only improve in our ranking but ensure that our budget has positive impacts on the lives of the people."

Bulutani Mataitawakilai says some recent government initiatives such as public consultations for the 2016 budget were not considered in this year's survey results.