18 Sep 2015

Tsunami advisory lifted in American Samoa

8:16 am on 18 September 2015

The National Weather Service has now lifted the tsunami advisory for American Samoa .

Tsunami warnings were in place for much of the Pacific following yesterday's massive 8.3 earthquake in Chile.

The earthquake has claimed at least 11 lives in Chile.

The Pacific Tsunami warning Centre has now advised that there is no further tsunami threat for American Samoa as a result of the massive earthquake in Chile.

However residents have been advised to be observant and exercise normal caution if you are in or near the ocean.

Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Pago Pago, American Samoa. Photo: AFP

Before the cancellation there had been fluctuations in the sea levels recorded by the tide gauge in Pago Pago harbor as Meteorologist Elinor Mcmoore explains,

"The Pago Pago tide gauge has been showing fluctuations and sea level with maximum tsunami height of about 2-point-2 feet, that was about 3.18am local time."

Elinor Mcmoore says the seas may look calm and not threatening but the currents will still be really strong.

And the Cook Islands news reports the police service there has now cancelled the tsunami warning.

Meanwhile, the French High Commission had warned the people on the Marquesas Islands to prepare for waves of up to 1.4 metres last night.

Easter Island reportedly experienced a wave increase of 1.1 metre.

And Niue issued an alert but it does not expect a significant impact given its topography and its location.