25 Sep 2015

Samoa police to raise awareness on gun safety

7:22 am on 25 September 2015

The police in Samoa are trying to raise more awareness around gun safety after a fatal shooting last week.

Investigations are continuing into the incident in which a 9 year-old boy was accidentally shot in the head with a rifle by his 10 year-old cousin.

A police assistant arms officer Todd Iosefa says there are strict requirements for people wanting to obtain a gun licence and they must take a theory and practical test on gun safety.

But he says last week's fatal incident highlighted a need for more awareness.

"We're trying to raise some more awareness around safety rules. The using of firearms and leaving the firearms unattended. And the negligence of people that have a licence but are not looking after their firearms properly."

Samoa police

Samoa police Photo: RNZI / Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia